Movie Review: Interstellar & Big Hero 6

by juliehfisk

It’s a busy weekend in theaters so let’s start with “Interstellar,” starring Matthew McConaughey as a futuristic astronaut.

Famine and drought have killed off most of society when a probe is sent to find new home for humanity. The crew of this mission says goodbye to everyone they love & leave without any idea when or IF they’ll ever return.

There are some beautiful ideas in this movie about the persistence of life and the scientific qualities of love. However, this is also a film from Director Christopher Nolan, who was apparently never taught that less is more. So along with an intriguing story about wormholes and the relativity of space and time we get government conspiracies & wisecracking robots.

I’m giving “Interstellar” a B- because it’s not a BAD movie but with a little restraint, Christopher Nolan could have made an extraordinary movie.

Also out this week is the latest from Disney Animation Studios “Big Hero 6.” A young genius has to stop a villain with the help of a bouncy robot named Baymax.

This is from the makers of “Frozen” and “Wreck-it Ralph” & I’m happy to report that it has the same level of quality and heart. This film is almost perfect in every aspect. It’s visually stunning, the characters endearing and as emotional as it gets at times it’s also laugh out loud funny.

I have a few minor gripes about the villain being a lame but I’m still giving “Big Hero 6” an A. Definitely see it with your kids and if you don’t have any kids, well then just borrow some from a friend.

At the movies I’m Julie Fisk for News Radio 1080 KRLD.