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MOVIE REVIEW: “The Theory of Everything” & “How to Train Your Dragon 2” on DVD

New in theaters this week is “The Theory of Everything” starring Eddie Redmayne as famed Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. It begins in the early 1960’s when he meets his future wife Jane & receives a devastating ALS diagnoses.


We follow the Hawkings through their marriage and his distinguished career but there are a few things that will frustrate fans of the man himself.

First, there is little mention of his theories so we rarely get to see Hawking explain them firsthand. Secondly, this book is based on Jane Hawking’s memoir so their relationship is viewed through rose-colored lenses. There are allusions to some guilt-drenched infidelity but mostly just doting love.

What makes this movie REMARKABLE though is Eddie Redmayne’s seamless performance as Stephen Hawking. He’s getting some well-deserved Oscar Buzz and he’s the main reason I’m giving “The Theory of Everything” a B+. Redmayne’s performance is much like Stephen Hawking himself: it’s challenging, charismatic and at times, even surprisingly sexy.

New on DVD this week is “How to Train Your Dragon 2.”


This was one of my favorite films of the summer and honestly, I feel it was a little underrated. If you missed seeing this one with your kids fix that now but it’s certainly good enough for grown-ups too. I gave “How to Train Your Dragon 2” an A when it came out so I highly recommend it and the box of Kleenex you’ll need to keep in your lap while you’re watching it.

Movie Review: Interstellar & Big Hero 6

It’s a busy weekend in theaters so let’s start with “Interstellar,” starring Matthew McConaughey as a futuristic astronaut.

Famine and drought have killed off most of society when a probe is sent to find new home for humanity. The crew of this mission says goodbye to everyone they love & leave without any idea when or IF they’ll ever return.

There are some beautiful ideas in this movie about the persistence of life and the scientific qualities of love. However, this is also a film from Director Christopher Nolan, who was apparently never taught that less is more. So along with an intriguing story about wormholes and the relativity of space and time we get government conspiracies & wisecracking robots.

I’m giving “Interstellar” a B- because it’s not a BAD movie but with a little restraint, Christopher Nolan could have made an extraordinary movie.

Also out this week is the latest from Disney Animation Studios “Big Hero 6.” A young genius has to stop a villain with the help of a bouncy robot named Baymax.


This is from the makers of “Frozen” and “Wreck-it Ralph” & I’m happy to report that it has the same level of quality and heart. This film is almost perfect in every aspect. It’s visually stunning, the characters endearing and as emotional as it gets at times it’s also laugh out loud funny.

I have a few minor gripes about the villain being a lame but I’m still giving “Big Hero 6” an A. Definitely see it with your kids and if you don’t have any kids, well then just borrow some from a friend.

At the movies I’m Julie Fisk for News Radio 1080 KRLD.

I Just Got Dumped by a Friend


I just got dumped by a friend. Ever had that happen? It’s pretty ugly because this particular break-up was face to face. No hiding behind Facebook and giggling wildly while pressing the UNFRIEND button. No, this one was up-close and personal. Sitting right in front of each other when we realized we no longer liked the person across the table. How does one elegantly untangle themselves from THAT? Offer to pay for lunch. That’s what I did, and it worked after I insisted a few times but it’s made me stop and wonder, am I an asshole?

Wait, let me reword that. Of course I’m an asshole. We all are from time to time and it’s entirely possible that BOTH of us are being assholes at this moment, but who is being the BIGGER asshole? My friend is going through a personal crisis that has caused her to make some questionable decisions about her marriage. She tells me these things and though I KNOW I’m not supposed to express any displeasure about it, I kind of can’t help it. She immediately insists it hasn’t become intimate, but I never believe it when someone says that. It’s funny how many people have stared at me dead-in-the-eye and said, “No, I didn’t DO anything with him,” only to get drunk later and laughingly tell me about screwing the Best Man. People lie about sex. This isn’t news to anyone, right? People probably lie more about sex than they do on their resumes.

So, my friend is telling me about this man she ISN’T having sex with and their spouses who are supposedly fine with the whole thing and she expects…exaclty what from me? I have just come from yoga class where the instructor kept telling us to be honest. STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF. HONESTY!!! Typical shit they’re always spouting off in yoga class and usually refers to the person in the back of the class who is yoga-farting with abandon. These words kept echoing through my head as my friend went on and on about how this is affair was a way for her to work through her own marital problems.

So I was honest.

Now, I don’t remember exactly WHAT I said to her because I was hoovering through a massive mound of some of the best vegetarian lasagna I’ve ever eaten but according to the look on her face, I was succint. You can guess the rest. She said I made her uncomfortable, said she felt judged and unsupported. I tried to change the subject but there was really no rescuing the situation. She finally said she had to leave and frankly, I was glad. I said to her, “Look, I will never be anything if not honest with you. I am your friend and I’m not going to lie.” She muttered something under her breath as she left. I think it was supposed to be an angry comeback but we were so defeated at that point it really didn’t matter.

So, who is right here? I took the moral high ground and was honest about my opinion but why did I have to? She didn’t need or care to hear how I felt about it. Why did I feel the need to be judgemental? Who cares if she’s making stupid choices? As her friend, am I not supposed to be there for her no matter what? Smile, nod my head and say, “Yes, I bet an open-marriage would be GREAT for your kids?”

I don’t know. So here I sit on my high-horse with one less friend and a terrible feeling in my stomach, though it could be that lasagna.

Or maybe I am just an asshole.